The flavor that started it all. Follow your gut and reach for this delightfully tart flavor packed with cultures.

  • Tahitian Vanilla and fresh lemon juice come together for a delicious creamy yogurt taste.

  • Think of Vanilla Tart as your favorite yogurt, a perfect treat for any time of day. Eat it alone, scoop it into your blender as a smoothie base, or create your own adventure with your go-to toppings.



Some of nature’s most powerful mood boosters await your spoon in this luxurious pint.

  • Cacao enhances serotonin levels, increases cognitive function, and even contains the same chemical found in the brains of people in love ---- hence chocolate’s common connection to romance.

  • Reishi promotes calmness, fights anxiety, and is your immune system’s best friend.

  • This well balanced and rich ice cream is the perfect answer to your chocolate craving.



The most nutritious botanical on earth, moringa, joins cooling peppermint, energizing cacao nibs, and colorful spirulina for mint chip ice cream at its absolute best.

  • Moringa boosts the immune system, provides stable energy, fights inflammation, and provides all 8 essential amino acids. No wonder they call it the miracle tree!

  • Peppermint is known to aid digestion, fight cravings, and ease tension, while cacao nibs are packed with antioxidants.

  • Moringa’s green-tea like taste pairs perfectly with peppermint and dark cacao - this rejuvenating flavor will keep you coming back for more.




Our most indulgent flavor with the simplest ingredients. Naturally sweet toasted coconut is blended into a rich butter and mixed into our coconut cream, with a touch of vanilla and pink salt; it’s like dulce de leche at the beach.

  • Coconut is packed with healthy fats that are known to provide an abundance of energy. Coconut is also known to boost good cholesterol-fighting heart disease.

  • Your heart and taste buds will thank you later.